Using Samsung's Gear360 cameras we proved that you can immerse people in another world experience and connect people with any human in any moment with a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Our goal is to encourage everyone to easily create their own human moments to share with the world.

As we share our experiences we will begin to create a collective understanding and empathy in our world.

We have created a series of short VR/360 moments as well as the final VR film product. You can view them HERE

You can view pictures of the Gear360s - we fondly named Beep 1,2 and 3 - HERE

In July 2017 we embarked on a journey to discover love, dignity and human connection in corners of the world that few believe they could exist.

We took innovative virtual reality technology into the asylums and slums of India, the refugee quarters of Lebanon and the homeless camps of Los Angeles and what we experienced and captured were stories of human resilience, service and beauty that will confront and inspire you and ensure that you never see someone you labelled as 'other' the same again.


Our journey began in Hyderabad where we worked besides a family of volunteers and orphans who have dedicated their lives to loving all who have been disregarded by the world.

We witnessed an unfailing dedication to loving all humans that cracked our hearts open and invited our viewers into a profound experience of love that has transformed the paths of children who were destined to live on the streets and ensured that even those labelled as 'untouchable' leave this earth at peace and with family.

"It is our nature to place a label on something as a way to understand it. But it is only when we remove that label that we can even begin to understand."

The technology

Homeless - USA

Orphan - India


Refugee - Lebanon


We then traveled on to Lebanon and discovered a world of resilience, pain and strength in the face of inhumanity that few would believe existed. Challenged and confronted we were honored and filled with reverence at the task of documenting the stories of war, death and injustice the incredible refugees of the Syrian crisis have endured.

We were given the gift of learning and sharing the family, empowerment and determination that dignity has provided to the women of these communities as they invent a new life for themselves and their children.

Our NGO Partner: Serve Needy

Serve Needy's main objectives are hunger-relief and providing permanent solutions to orphans and underprivileged. They provide food, clothing, shelter and education, to those needy, for whom such basics are a struggle. Inspired by many humble hearts, they offer help whole-heartedly to the needy. Their goal is to serve unconditionally, express love and compassion to poor and needy. 

Our NGO Partner:The Los Angeles Mission

The Los Angeles Mission is an 80 year old Outreach center in Downtown Los Angeles that provides help, hope and opportunity to men, women and children in need. It provides rehabilitation and a new start to men and women who are ready to transform their lives.

Our NGO Partner: Tahaddi

Tahaddi provides education, healthcare, social services, psychological and life support to those displaced by warfare. Situated in the West neighborhood of Beirut hey aim is to serve socially vulnerable families and victims of conflict and discrimination, regardless of their nationality, religion and social background.