Serve Needy

They provide food, clothing, shelter and education, to those needy, for whom such basics are a struggle. Inspired by many humble hearts, they offer help whole-heartedly to the needy. Their goal is to serve unconditionally, express love and compassion to poor and needy. ​

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Our Causes

Everything that we do at "I am Spartacus Entertainment" is driven by, and rooted in, making a difference in our world and solving social issues with positive entertainment. We have met so many incredible people who are doing such incredibly impactful and meaningful work and as we expand we are excited to focus our day to day business on telling their stories and supporting their causes.

Our current cause partners that are making a strategic and sustainable difference in their communities are:

I am Spartacus Entertainment

We believe in the magic of people, stories and entertainment


They provide education, healthcare, social services, psychological and life support to those displaced by warfare. Situated in the West neighborhood of Beirut hey aim is to serve socially vulnerable families and victims of conflict and discrimination, regardless of their nationality, religion and social background.​

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Children’s Alopecia Project

Helping any child who is in need who is living with Alopecia Areata – through awareness, self esteem building and support.

They believe in focusing on the love and community that is created by Alopecia Areata and choose not to focus on treatments or cured instead acceptance.

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The Los Angeles Mission

The Los Angeles Mission is an 80 year old Outreach center in Downtown Los Angeles that provides help, hope and opportunity to men, women and children in need. It provides rehabilitation and a new start to men and women who are ready to transform their lives.​

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Arts Bridging the Gap

Illuminating a bright path for all children by providing top quality arts programs to children in underserved areas in order to improve their quality of life, academic success and future prospects.


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