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Four Corners/One Voice

The Four Corners project is being produced in association with (ah)mused production and is comprised of two documentary films: the short film “One Voice” and the feature film “Four Corners”. 
“One Voice” premiered in 2015 and encourages every citizen to consider the power of an educated vote: if the contemporary vote counts, what is the responsibility of the voter? The film premiered at Awareness Festival and won Best Documentary Short at The Short Film Awards.
“Four Corners” is currently in post-production and slated for release in 2022. This roundtable conversation with Americans from diverse backgrounds and ages seeks to find win-win solutions to civil rights and social issues preventing peace and progress through conversation.
One Voice is a round table discussion designed to encourage every citizen to consider the power of an educated vote: if the contemporary vote counts, what is the responsibility of the voter?

When Georgia was at Alopeciapalooza speaking to the amazing kids with Alopecia in 2013 she promised them in her talk she would make them a video in 12 hours to show the world that they really are her superheroes and will make an incredible difference in the world. This is the video she rushed together for them - but no amount of rushing could take away from the magic of these faces and hearts.

TV (in development)

Our Projects

Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down
A feature Documentary about one girl's journey with Alopecia Areata and how losing her hair helped her to find her purpose.
The film has been shown at the Doc Miami Film Festival, the Los Angeles International Women's Film Festival, The Miami Film and Arts Festival and won the Human Interest Award at the Monaco International Film Festival. It has been featured on ABC's 20/20, KTLA News and the Huffington Post.
This film has provided much needed support for the Alopecia community. Further more its wider success proves that people are searching for a place to feel understood and permission to be honest about their challenges.
 We are so excited about the support, perspective and connection this film has offered so many people both with and without Alopecia.

Thoughts and Feels

The World According to Kids

Please Don't Hit Me

Hitting can hurt children for the rest of their lives. Please STOP and ask for help. A PSA made during COVID19 to educate and make folks aware of the dangers of violence towards children. Made as an entrant in the social media contest For the US Alliance to end the Hitting of Children - 2020


We hung out with a few very special kids and asked them a few important questions: "What is happiness?" "What is love?" "How would they stop the fighting and feed everyone?" And we filmed our chats. Here is the video for the question. "What would you tell the world?"

A Children's Talk/Variety Show for ages 10-14 year olds

Thoughts and Feels is a live studio and on location kids show that puts today’s youth, complete with their thoughts, feelings and questions, at the center of the narrative.

Watch the trailer of the proof of concept HERE.

Proof of Concept Episode is available on request.


In conjunction with the team of Arts Bridging the Gap we brought together families from all different cultures and experiences and created LOVE literally :)
We filmed the whole process of the art piece creation and came up with this fun piece.
Here is the final piece of art with a few of the wonderful kids of Arts Bridging the Gap.

Occasionally we just like to shoot things because they are fun and touch our hearts. Here are a few of them:

Alopeciapalooza 2013 - Children’s Alopecia Project

A few short things for Fun

Love - with Arts Bridging the Gap