Page Jumpers

Our Arts Bridging the Gap VR Dance Party

India's Silent Revolution: Bonded Labour Slaves

A three part immersive documentary journal and movement that forces us to go beyond the labels that define those we do not know and to creates connection with our fellow humans.​

In July 2017 we embarked on a journey to discover love, dignity and human connection in corners of the world that few believe they could exist. 

We took innovative virtual reality technology into the asylums and slums of India, the refugee quarters of Lebanon and the homeless camps of Los Angeles and what we experienced and captured were stories of human resilience, service and beauty that will confront and inspire you and ensure that you never see someone you labelled as 'other' the same again.

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At the end of a long Twitch fundraising stream "Arts Bridging the Gap" invited everyone in any place in the world to join them for good old fashioned dance circle! The intention of the 360 video was to literally immerse the viewers in the magic that can be created when strangers come together in music and dance; to show how shyness disappears and all that is left is smiles, laughter and some fancy dance moves!

Human...By any other name (in production)

Virtual Reality Projects

I am Spartacus Entertainment

We believe in the magic of people, stories and entertainment

PAGE JUMPERS is a children’s reading app that takes the concepts of Reading Rainbow and Choose Your Own Adventure books and combines them in an interactive 360/VR reading experience where children can jump inside their favorite stories and change the endings.

Kids meet in an ultra-colorful clubhouse in the trees, where the walls are lined with books. Joined by a wacky cast of puppets and live actors, children choose a book, traveling through a magical chute they  'PAGE JUMP' and land inside the pages.  They travel through the story - surrounded in 360 by the world of the story book, interact with the characters using gaze tracking technology, and return back to the clubhouse with a brand new tale they created before their own eyes! The kids are guided on their page jumping adventures by the ‘Librarian’ and Keeper of the Books …. She is the voice of reason in the club house and allows them to find their way through their favorite books and helps them reimagine the story's ending.
Kids are not only listening to a story and learning to read, but using interactive technology to DEEPEN and CHALLENGE their understanding of stories, life decisions and their own sense of right and wrong.

We recently had the honor of consulting with one of our in house VR director/shooters Ian Bailey on his 360 video/VR piece to create advocacy and awareness for the non profit organization Voices4Freedom to promote the incredible work of their Schools4Freedom program in India.

The piece was shot in Uttar Pradesh and stitched in under two weeks - we were excited to see the enthusiasm and skills of Ian and the ProvidenceVR team bring this piece to life in such a short time frame.