I am Spartacus Entertainment

We believe in the magic of people, stories and entertainment

We are so excited to be involved in the newest innovation in story telling. The immersive power of VR content is unparalleled. It creates instant connection empathy and engagement. We are able to use VR to help you truly walk in someone else's shoes. 

Human interest Documentaries, heart centered narratives and stories that make you smile.

Including the Award winning documentaries Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down and One Voice.

We are constantly on the look out for new concept, content and inspiring stories that appeal to today's TV and internet audience.


Want to talk to us about creating meaningful, heart warming and dream expanding projects? We'd love to hear from you!

Virtual Reality
I am Spartacus Entertainment is an innovative production company that creates content for a variety of mediums that puts smiles on people's faces, makes them think and teaches them something about themselves and the world within which they live.